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2015 Meetings

London, 8-9 January 2015

This meeting will include the 43rd Bartlett Prize Lecture by Professor Lorraine Tyler plus an accompanying symposium to be organised by Alex Clarke and Barry Devereux.

Local Organiser Patti Adank.

The programme can now be downloaded as a PDF.

The portal for this meeting is now closed.

Leeds 8-10 April 2015

This meeting will include the 13th EPS Mid-Career Prize Lecture by Professor Martin Pickering plus an accompanying symposium to be organised by Rob Hartsuiker.

Local Organiser Pam Blundell.

The portal for submissions is closed.

Lincoln 8-10 July 2015

This meeting will include the 22nd EPS Prize Lecture by Professor Manos Tsakiris plus an accompanying symposium to be organised by Katerina Fotopoulou.

Local Organiser Timothy Hodgson.


2016 Meetings

London, 7-8 January 2016

Durham, 6-8 April 2016

Oxford/SEPEX, 7-11 July 2016


The EPS was founded in 1946. Its role is to facilitate research in experimental psychology, and scientific communication among experimental psychologists and those working in cognate fields. Based in the UK, it also has many members in mainland Europe and elsewhere overseas. More information about the EPS and its history will be found here.

The EPS holds regular scientific meetings and lectures at which members and guests present their work; it publishes the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology and other occasional publications. It sponsors scientific workshops on special topics, and awards grants and prizes to facilitate postdoctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate research.

Information about applying for membership may be found here. Members receive regular information about meetings and other Society activities, and a subscription to the Quarterly Journal. Postgraduates in psychology may join a mailing list in order to receive meeting programmes and other information, and psychology students may subscribe to the QJEP at a concessionary rate (see inside front page of the journal).


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