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Applying to Join

Eligibility for Membership

Membership of EPS is open to researchers in experimental psychology (broadly interpreted) who hold a PhD, have presented a paper to a meeting of the Society, and have published independent accounts of their work in psychological or cognate journals. “Independence” is indicated by sole or senior authorship of the papers, and the journals should be reputable and subject to peer review. Those who are resident outside Europe will be asked for assurance that they can attend meetings reasonably often. Applicants must be nominated by two EPS members. For full details of the nomination and admission procedure, see below.


Nominations for new members should be made using the Membership application form.

The form is available here as a pdf.

Alternatively, you may download a soft copy in Word or request an application form from the EPS Administrator.


Under "Publications", only articles that have appeared in print by the time of nomination, in peer-reviewed psychological or cognate journals, should be listed. Because of space limitations, a complete publication list is not required; some recent examples, where the nominee is single or first author, are sufficient.

These forms should be returned by 1 September to the EPS Administrator

Admission Procedures

Soon after the closing date of 1 September, brief details of all candidates will be circulated to members of the Society, who may request further information if they wish. The nomination forms will be considered by the Committee, usually in October. The Committee will decide whether each candidate is eligible for admission to Ordinary Membership. Any Candidate not selected as eligible by the Committee will be informed of this and will be advised whether he/she may again be proposed for membership in a future year and if so subject to what conditions. The list of those selected as eligible will be put to the Annual General Meeting in January for approval.

For further details, see Rules 6-10.