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Information about the submission of poster abstracts

Abstracts for poster presentations at this meeting may be submitted by EPS members at any time. Posters presented at this meeting must include original (i.e. unpublished) material. Abstracts should include a statement of the results of experimental work rather than vague generalities. Posters will be accepted until either the programme for a meeting is full or 10th October 2017.

Non-members are welcome to present posters at this meeting but their abstracts must be submitted by a sponsoring EPS member.

  • The sponsor need not be one of the co-authors of the paper.
  • The sponsor does need to be present for oral presentations.
  • Non-members who wish to present posters at this meeting and who have not been able to find a sponsor should contact either the EPS Administrator -

Queries or difficulties with abstract submission should be sent to the EPS administrator.

Poster Abstracts Submission Form for London, January 2018

This meeting is now open for submissions.


To help with scheduling, please provide up to three keywords or phrases to indicate the general topic of the presentation. For example: "functional imaging, neuropsychology"


In the box below please list all authors together on one line and then list each institution on a separate line, for example:

Ann Brown, Carol Smith and Jane Wild
University of Liverpool

or, for multiple institutions:

Ann Brown 1, Carol Smith 2, and Jane Wild 1,2
1. University of Liverpool, UK
2. Stanford University, USA

Note that the first author (Ann Brown in the example above) should be the person who will give the presentation.


Attach your document below as a Microsoft Word file - MAXIMUM 200 WORDS.

If the abstract includes references to other work, give these in full at the end of the abstract.

These references are not included in the 200 word limit for your abstract.


You should receive an automated confirmation email shortly after you have successfully submitted your abstract. Please contact the EPS Administrator if this is not received.