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EPS-funded Workshops

The EPS supports workshops in experimental psychology. Details of the scheme, including procedures for applications, can be found here.

Future workshops : 

(For more information see the News page)

  • Past workshops:
    • Lexical Aspects of Language Production (4 September 1998).
    • Motor Control: Issues and approaches (6 January, 1999).
    • Alan Baddeley's Theory and Practice: A User's Guide (8 July, 1999).
    • Crossmodal Attention and Multisensory Integration (1/2 October, 1999).
    • Associative Learning and Representation - a Workshop for N J Mackintosh (9 July, 2002).
    • Attention in Action (13-14 September, 2002) jointly funded by EPS and the BBS Centre.
    • Neuropsychology of Ageing (Worcester, 28-30 May, 2003) organised by Patrick Rabbitt.
    • Speed, Control and Age: In honour of Patrick Rabbitt (28-29 June, 2004).
    • Language Processes and Executive Functions (17-18 September 2004).
    • Speech and Auditory Processing in Developmental Disorders. Evidence from Brain Event-related Potentials (22-24 September 2004).
    • Theory in Cognitive Psychology: A Festschrift for John Morton (2-3 September 2005).
    • The Role of Time in Short-term Memory. (3-4 November 2005).
    • Associative Learning and Reinforcement Learning (3 April 2006).
    • Dynamics of Information Processing: Choice, Attention, Emotion (30 June 2006).
    • The Role of Orthographies in Reading and Spelling (20-21 September 2006).
    • The method of computational modelling: A practical introduction (30 May 2007).
    • Attention in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A synthesis of current approaches and future directions (12 November 2007).
    • New Directions in Word Learning (17-18 April 2008)
    • Lifespan development of memory and language: A festschrift for Philip Smith (July 2008)
    • The development of executive funtions (30-31 August 2008)
    • The Neuropsychology of Perception and Action: A festschrift for Professor David Milner (6 September 2008)
    • Theory of mind: A workshop in celebration of Premack and Woodruff's seminal paper (11-12 September 2008)
    • Dance and cognitive neuroscience (7 January 2009)
    • Cultural effects on the mental number line (July 2009)
    • The representation of abstract words (January 2010)
    • Psycholinguistic approaches to speech recognition in adverse listening conditions (8-10 March 2010)
    • The development of body representations over the lifespan (29-30 March 2010)
    • Visual (M)organisations of space-time (in honour of Michael Morgan) (20 August 2010)
    • The relativity of value: From science to policy (September 2010)
    • Serial and parallel processing in reading (October 2010)
    • Promoting excellence in the use of event-related potentials in psychological research: A hands-on neuroimaging workshop (November 2010)
    • Insights into language processing from comparative studies or disorders and normal development (April 2011)
    • Expertise as revealed by oculomotor behaviour (April 2011)
    • Multidisciplinary studies of lexical processing: A workshop for William Marslen-Wilson (June 2011)
    • The role of practical classes in the teaching of Psychology (celebration of Richard Gregory's life) (July 2011)
    • Cortical and subcortical functions in complex behaviour: A workshop in honour of David Gaffan (September 2011)
    • WHAT IF... the study of language started from the investigation of signed, rather than spoken, languages? (January 2012)
    • Attention and Memory: Mechanisms of Selection and Maintenance (April 2012)
    • Linear Mixed Effects Modelling in R (August 2012)
    • The Dynamics of Conversational Engagement: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (September 2012)
    • Space, Time and Number: 20 Years of Research (February 2013)
    • Language in Developmental and Acquired disorders: Future Directions (June 2013)
    • Measuring Multi-Person Timing: State of the art methods and analyses (September 2013)
    • Cue integration: models, mechanisms and development (September 2013)
    • Forecasting, monitoring, controlling: Dealing with a dynamic world (September 2013)
    • 'Meet the experts' and 'round table' events at CogDev 2013 (September 2013)
    • Noisy brains? The role of internal noise in typical and atypical development (September 2013)
    • Cognitive Ageing (March 2014)
    • Best practice in EEG and TMS research (April 2014)

    The EPS has also supported

  • First Portuguese Forum of Experimental Psychology (27-29 October, 2004).
  • The fMRI Experience (15-16 September 2005).

    Information on this page last updated September 2014.

    Noisy brains? The role of internal noise in typical and atypical development