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Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Workshops

The Society will sponsor workshops designed to bring together postgraduate students and/or junior postdoctoral researchers (normally within two years of their PhD) who are working on a particular topic or would like to learn about a particular technique. The workshops would normally be expected to take place over 1 or 2 days at maximum and to be organised by a more senior researcher, who need not be a member of the EPS. Applications for funding for a workshop should be made by the organiser, and these should provide:

  • An outline of the topic area, indicating why the workshop would be timely
  • A proposed format (including a schedule of talks, where appropriate), covering no more than 2 pages of A4
  • An estimated budget

For proposals that involve a programme of named talks, the committee encourages applicants to develop a speaker programme that appropriately represents the diversity of the research community.  In any cover letter, the applicant may wish to address how this was attempted.

The format for the workshops is open. For example, the schedule could feature 1 or 2 overview talks from experts in the field along with talks given by the research students and postdocs on their own research. Alternatively, the workshop could be based around practical examples of using a certain technique. Presentations made at workshops do not count as talks to the Society. Funding can include travel and accommodation for all attendees (including speakers). Typically, it would be expected that the workshops would be attended by students and fellows from a number of institutions.

Postgraduate/junior postdoctoral workshops can take place either immediately before or after an EPS meeting, or separately. Proposals may be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least 6 months before the intended date.

The maximum grant for a 1-day meeting will normally be £1200, and for a 2-day workshop normally £2500.