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Small Grants

These grants enable members of the Society to pursue small-scale research projects that require limited funding for part-time research assistance and/or other expenses incurred in the running of one or more empirical studies.  The EPS expects any research assistants employed on the project to be paid at a reasonable rate.

Preference will be given to first time applicants, those at an early stage of career and/or without current grant funding. Preference will be given to high quality projects that include participation of undergraduate or postgraduate students on an ad-hoc basis. Awards will not be granted for work that is a central part of an already-funded project or PhD. The award covers a period of one year, and is for a fixed amount of £2,500. Any additional expenses must be borne by the host institution. The Society will, on receipt of an invoice at the end of the period of the bursary, reimburse the institution for the award. The EPS does not make awards on a full economic costing basis, and overheads, indirect costs, estate costs, and other directly allocated costs will not be met by the EPS.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Applicants should submit their proposals to the Hon. Secretary by post:


Dr John Towse

Hon. Secretary

School of Psychology

Fylde College

Lancaster University




There are 4 submission deadlines per year - 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December. The proposals will be circulated to committee members with the Agenda for the next Committee Meeting. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Applications should consist of the following (further details on application form):

A completed application form (download form).

A research proposal with a clear indication of benefit to Member (max. 1000 words)

A one page curriculum vitae to include any external grant support (current and within the last 3 years) 

A letter from the Head of the hosting department indicating the department's willingness to host the grant and abide by the Society's terms and conditions (download MS Word)

Small Grants will be allocated by the EPS Committee. Applicants who are awarded a Small Grant in one year cannot apply in the following year. Applicants who have been awarded an undergraduate bursary cannot apply for a Small Grant in the same year, or the following year.


EPS will provide additional early career support, specifically to junior lecturers and post docs within 6 years of their PhD, using the existing small grants scheme. Those eligible to be considered for this additional funding stream should flag this up at the point of application under ‘benefit to member’ (using the existing form).


Within two months of termination of the period of the grant, the award holder will be required to submit to the Hon. Secretary a short report (max 1000 words) and a completed Final Report form confirming that any payments incurred during the period of the grant have been made, and that all local ethics procedures were followed. The award holder should submit with the Final Report an invoice on which basis the EPS will reimburse the host institution.  The invoice should include full details of the award holder (please note that invoices should not be sent to the EPS separate to the final report).  The Final Report must include details of actual expenditure, although the accompanying invoice should be for the full value of the award (£2500) even if not all the funds had been used. Where actual expenditure was less than the full value of the award, the EPS will nonetheless reimburse the full value on the understanding that the additional monies will continue to be used in support of the award holder's research activities. The report should include an abstract of the research and mention any publications planned on the basis of the research activities associated with the award. The Society's assistance should be acknowledged in any such publications. Further details of the headings to use are in the Final Report form (download MS Word form here).

Members of the Society may donate money to the Small Grants Fund in the assurance that it will not be used for other society purposes. The EPS Committee wishes to encourage members and/or institutions to consider this possibility seriously.