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Submission of Abstracts

London, 8-9 January 2015

This meeting will include the 43rd Bartlett Prize Lecture by Professor Lorraine Tyler plus an accompanying symposium to be organised by Alex Clarke and Barry Devereux.

Local Organiser Patti Adank.

The Portal for submissions is now closed.


Leeds, 8-10 April 2015

This meeting will include the EPS 13th Mid-Career Award Lecture by Professor Martin Pickering plus an accompanying symposium to be organised by Rob Hartsuiker.

Local Organiser Pam Blundell.

 Lincoln, 8-10 July 2015

This meeting will include the 22nd EPS Prize Lecture by Professor Manos Tsakiri plus an accompanying symposium to be organised by Katerina Fotopoulou.

Local Organiser Timothy Hodgson.


Preparation of abstracts


The Honorary Secretary will inform members by email when the programme for a forthcoming meeting is open for the submission of abstracts of papers for talks and posters (in addition, this information is always posted on the Society's web pages). Papers by guests may be submitted, with either sponsorship by a member of the society or if the member is a co-author. In this case, the member should check that the abstract conforms to the conventions set out below before submitting it. The member should undertake to be present when the paper is delivered. Papers presented to the Society should always include original (i.e. unpublished) material. Papers are accepted until the programme for a meeting is full. The advertisement of a Symposium or 'Special Topic' at a meeting is intended to encourage relevant submissions, but in no way precludes the submission of papers in any other area of experimental psychology.


Abstracts should include a statement of the results of experimental work rather than vague generalities. Members are requested to submit abstracts with (1) A title, (2) Name(s) of authors, and sponsor if none of the authors is an EPS member, (3) Full postal address (to which the final programme will be sent in the case of non members who are presenting papers), (4) First author's email address, and (5) An abstract of no more than 200 words. Line drawings or half tones may be included in the abstract, and will be printed as received. When an abstract includes references to other work, these should be given in full at the end. Abstracts should be submitted to the Conference Secretary via the relevant page on the Society's website.


Programmes and booking forms for the meeting will be circulated to all members of the Society and to the first authors of papers by non-members. In cases of multiple authorship, members should let the Conference Secretary know when programmes and booking forms are required for non-members other than the first author.